Mobile ad tracking for the masses

Get the tracking, attribution, and analytics you need for your mobile marketing efforts without the huge costs. The time-tested Attriboost tracking platform does everything you’d expect — except charge you.

It's completely free.

All the essential features

  • Detailed reporting, including LTV reporting and cohort analysis
  • Support for tracking multiple types of downstream events for Android and iOS apps
  • Quickly add campaigns and retrieve click URLs for supported ad networks
  • Secure data safety policies — performance and usage data always accessible to you via API

Support for leading ad networks

More being added all the time

nativex adcolony facebook ironSource
Google AdWords Fiksu DSP FreeMyApps
Mobvista fyber

Is it really free?

We know - it’s hard to believe. Attriboost is 100% free, and we intend to keep it that way.

Yes, we intend to make money eventually. We plan on introducing additional premium features in the future, but the core tracking features will remain free.

We’re also committed to keeping your data safe and private. We don’t sell or make available any data that can be tied to a single client or app. In the interest of full disclosure, we do plan to sell data, but anything we make available will be aggregated across many apps and free of any PII or client-specific information.

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